Tips for the Beginner Rider
By Amy Plummer, Road Rider Development

Here are some helpful tips for those new to riding. To learn more about the Sorella Cycling Rider Development program, contact me, Amy Plummer, by email.

1. Choose the Right Bike
This first step all depends on where you plan to ride. (Mountain or Road). We will get into other bikes in a later discussion but for now, these two types will make the path for your decision. Things like suspension, gears, and brakes determine how the well the bike performs.

2. Get a Proper Bike Fit at Your Local Shop
Proper fit can make the difference between a great ride and one that leaves you in pain. A bike fit will adjust your bike to fit your body measurements. This will make make your ride much easier and efficient.

3. Purchase Proper Attire and Gear
Helmets, cycling shoes, gloves, sunglasses, and attire (winter and summer). Your local bike shop can help with all necessary gear.

4. Get the Right Saddle
You may have to try a few to see what fits you for your body. Read reviews online and find what others like, then test a few.

5. Clip in with Cycling Shoes
Clipless pedals will increase your overall performance and efficiency. When first clipping in, practice on a trainer, on a spin bike at the gym, or stabilized by a wall to grab onto. This will help you get a feel for how the shoe operate, clip in, and just get you comfortable before heading out on the road or trails.

6. Test Your New Bike and Gear on a safe trail or parking lot.

7. Know the Rules of the Road
Sorella Cycling recommends that all members know the Georgia Rules.

8. Join Us the Winter at the Atlanta Winter Bike League
New riders are encouraged to join the Atlanta Winter Bike League “C” group rides. We ride every other Saturday thru March.

Note: Our Sponsor, Atlanta Cycling (and also all Cycleworks stores), provides a discount for all your cycling needs. Mention that you are a Sorella cycling member for special pricing.