By Amy Plummer, Road Rider Development

It’s winter time and it can get cold in Georgia! It is necessary to keep riding in the Winter to keep up your fitness and avoid the Winter blues. Here are some winter cycling wear tips:

Base layers: Base layers keep you dry and helps retain heat. Merino wool or synthetic wicking fiber is recommended. Base layers come in long or short sleeve options

Outerwear: For cold and dry conditions a soft shell outer jacket is good and for cool, wet conditions a waterproof or water resistant jacket is recommended. There are several types of winter outer wear jackets on the market so try on a few and see what works best for your winter riding. LAYER UP! On top of the base layer, you can also wear your jersey and armies if you prefer. For the legs, long padded cycling pants or shorts with leg or knee warmers are a good fit.

Head Coverage: A helmet liner is good for mild winter days. For colder days, a balaclava or buff is recommended. On rainy days, a cap with a visor helps to keep rain off your glasses.

Gloves: Good winter gloves with grips on them are recommended. These are also a personal preference as some like wool gloves and some prefer regular riding gloves with pads in them.

Footwear: The key to warm feet is to extra insulation in and on your footwear. Wool socks are recommended. Cover your cycling shoes with booties and there are also toe covers. This is also a personal preference on which cover to choose. Also, some riders like to put the hot hand packs in their shoes. (I have never done this but heard it is a good trick)!