For 2019 we have 14 ladies on the board of directors Р3 who joined the board at our annual meeting in November 2018. Our board is comprised of mountain, gravel, road, and cyclocross racers and riders, and the women cover  a wide range of ages and live in metro-Atlanta and beyond!

These ladies put in multiple hours of volunteering each month, listening to what you tell us you want from your club and making sure our club runs and grows:

Elected Positions:
President – Angela Barros
Vice-President – Robin Allen
Treasurer – Suzanne Brockway
Secretary – Lauren Haws
Membership Director – Katie Hamlin
Board appointed Positions:
Sponsorship Director – Diane Schleicher
Events Director- Michelle Hollberg
Race Team Director – Jennifer Klein
Ride Coordinator – Teri Danielson
Communications Director – Shanicka Roberts
Webmaster – Sharon Zydney
Newsletter Editor – Robin Stevens
Clothier – Sarah Hoots
Graphic Designer – Tina Evans
While we have an assigned set of Board of Directors we can always use help and ideas throughout the year.  Reach out to us at if you would like to be involved any any specific aspect of the club!