This month we are excited to feature Brittany Montgomery, our new club president!

Tell Us About Yourself:

I live near the city in Kirkwood with my husband Michael. We’ve been married for almost 2 years now. We started biking together in 2009, when we went out on a limb and bought mountain bikes with our tax returns and we haven’t looked back. Both of us enjoy social riding, training, and racing together. We have two dogs: Bruce a lab and Toby and golden retriever. I manage an outside sales team within the banking industry. I am able to work from home so it makes it easy for me to jump on my bike during the week days.

What Made You Decide to Join Sorella?:

I’ve been a member of Sorella since I bought my first mountain bike in 2009. I saw the ladies on the trails and they were super nice. I was looking to find more women to ride with and I checked them out on their web page. I came to an event (the annual meeting) and was hooked. I haven’t been able to let go yet.

Road, Mountain or Cyclocross?:

I ride all three! My main focus all year is racing cyclocross each fall. My main favorite place to be is on my mountain bike. Thru out the year I dabble in mountain bike racing for fun and I use my road bike mainly for training and group rides within the city during the week. I hope to try out a few enduro races this year to add to my resume.

Types of bike you ride:

Mountain Bike: Yeti ASR
Cyclocross: Turner Cyclsys
Road: Specialized Venge

Favorite Place to Ride:

Pisgah, in Brevard NC. There are so many trails and epic down hills all within one beautiful forest.

Your Dream Ride:

I’d like to make it out to Whistler within the next year and try out their down hill trails out there.

Your Biggest Riding Accomplishment:

I completed ORAMM (off road assualt on mt mitchell) this past year. It took several months of training in the Pisgah mountains. The race is 60 miles of mountain biking in the pisgah forest. You complete 11,000 feet in elevation. It’s no joke and deemed one of the hardest races in the SE. I was lucky enough to complete the race with a handful of close friends that made the training fun and also got me to the finish line.

Why do You Like Sorella Cycling?:

Sorella has introduced me to everyone that I ride with today, and I meet new ladies at each event, ride, or class. It has created a life style that we love on and off the bike. I used to be just a bike rider, now I’m a bike racer and I owe that to Sorella.

What do You Hope to Accomplish as Club President?

I hope to be able to work with the board in order to get more members involved. We have such a wide variety of women who are members of our club that have skill sets like no other. With their talents we can take this club to the next level. We are looking to expanding into the SE as we continue to grow our membership from year to year getting more ladies on bikes!

Brittany can be contacted at 404-925-7954 and her email is Reach out to her with your questions, comments or concerns about Sorella Cycling. Thanks for your service to our club, Brittany!